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How to make your party guests Pee Blue?
Im wanting to pull a prank at a party im throwing that will make my guests pee in assorted colors. I have heard of thi strick being done before. I was just wondering what the ingredient that they must consume is, How do i obtain it, and Is it safe?

Id never use anything that would be harmful. Im a prankster not a vilian.
There's types of medicine for bladder infections that turn your pee colors. I know there is some that turns it bright orange and I think there's some that turns it blue also. You can get it over the counter. You would have to dissolve it in a colored drink though because it probably turns the drink the same color. Its safe to use but be careful that your friends don't go to the doctor the next day thinking something is wrong with them.
Who was the famous man in history that showed up late to a party and then proceeded to pee in the fireplace?
Who was the famous man in history that showed up late to a party and then proceeded to pee in the fireplace? There was a reference to him on Kingdom of loathing, but I can't remember his name.
I don't know but he was probably a democrat.....
Beach party what if i need to pee?
beach party, at a lovely beach... in the middle of no where.

theres no toilets.

theres lots of strangers.

what if I need a pee? I had no intention of going near water!

and there's gunna be a lot of alcohol.
I would've said pee in the ocean...

I've popped many squats on the beach. Have a friend hold up a towel. Bring napkins. Watch your foot placement, you don't wanna step in it. And don't litter, find some trash bins or at least put those napkins in a bag for later disposal.
When you're having a hot tub party and drinking a lot, where do you pee?
Dry off and go inside? Somewhere in the yard (where)? Pee in the hot tub?
Dry off, please, and go inside or go out in the yard, fine. DO NOT PEE IN THE HOT TUB. Yuk. Really, though try to go before you get in the tub.
Long bathroom line at a party, do you pee outside instead of waiting?
I've been at parties there is a line for bathroom and people start to pee outside. Yesterday me and my friend couldn't wait for the one bathroom at this house. So we ran outside and saw they had this little shed thing so we went behind that and popped a squat and peed. And we were really scared someone would come along the alley but it was just an empty alley.

Has anyone else done the same or similar?
haha, i do things like this all the time, like getting changed in the middle of a hallway, its totally normal, and most people will understand if they caught you peeing, just tell them you couldnt hold it
Where to pee at pool party?
im having a pool party and instead of making my friends go into my house and get it all dirty i thought maybe they could pee in the yard. what would u do?
are you crazy?!!!! hell naw, look, it might be quick to be peeing in the yard but hell its gonna stink up later, besides it'll be like a thousand people peeing. let those people use the restroom closest to the back yard. if you don't like it dirty, u shouldn't even have a party
If we pee in the punch bowl at someones party?
What are the odds of them actually tasting it?
Pretty low. This is UTTERLY disgusting, but when I was a freshman in HS I saw some acquaintances pour a large sized cup full of urine into the punchbowl after a choir show & then watched as 2 people drank some...well this is no joke, but one of the girls, named Cynthia I remember her name, actually commented on how "good & tangy" the punch tasted!!!! ewww gross.... even though I really didn't have anything against her or especially like her I guess I didn't know what to say or do...well except laugh, even though I'd be he**a pissed if I found out I drank someone's urine. Well Cynthia if your reading this-I'm sorry I didn't tell you at the time BEFORE you drank it. Forgive me??? Oh & by the way why are you asking this?!?! Crap, I hope I didn't just encourage you to do such a thing! Did I ????Hope not......really I do hope u don't do that....Good luck though or something.& thanks for having me walk down memory lane ther, even though it was kinda weird & gross....
If you have handshake with bunch of people at a party and then go take a pee, can you get herpes?
you have a hanshake with different people, maybe they touched a sore and didnt wash theirs hands... you can never know! But is it possible to get herpes that way? handshake with people and then touching yourself? can herpes be spread?
If they were having an outbreak then, yes.

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